Agidi or Eko Recipe

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Nigerian Agidi or Eko is Nigeria’s Jello sort of, it is a popular breakfast meal in Nigeria. It tastes so good with hot Akara or Pepper Soup.

It is easy and quick to make. It can be made from either fermented wet corn starch or smooth cornflour.

What Is Agidi Made Of?

Agidi, or Eko as it is known in Yoruba, is a Nigerian delicacy that breaks out beyond tribes, class, location, and religion. Everyone appreciates it, from north to south.

It is made with cornflour. The process is very similar to how to make Ogi but with a slight difference.

Health Benefits of Agidi (Eko)

Agidi is formed from corn, and the health advantages of eko are similar to those of maize, as listed below:

  • Potassium is found in this dish. Potassium is an essential mineral that helps manage blood pressure and may promote heart health.
  • It aids in the reduction of blood cholesterol levels. Some dieticians believe it might assist diabetics to regulate their blood sugar levels.
  • Eko is good for your eyes.
  • It helps to prevent diverticulosis a disease of the large intestine.
  • It’s fulfilling, Eko has a lot of bulk, that helps in filling the stomach and ensures satisfaction.

If you are also watching your weight, you can use agidi as a fufu or eba substitute . It is also recommended as a starter food for babies and could be enriched with milk  and fruit puree before pouring into a Mould or container to set.

Is It Good For Pregnant Woman?

Agidi relieves constipation, which is a frequent complaint among pregnant women, thanks to its high fiber content. In both pregnant and non-pregnant women, it is perfectly safe. There are no negative side effects to be concerned about.

How To Make Agidi/Eko

Eko is cooked into (solid) with a tangy taste, its a higher version of pap or ogi (akamu) that goes well with delicious Nigerian pepper soup, stew, banga soupogbono soup, and egusi soup among other dishes.

It is usually prepared in uma leaves or banana leaves, but in the absence of these leaves you can make use of any clean container of choice.

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