6 Omani Desserts You Need to Try

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Omani food is known for its unique taste and mouth-watering spices that distinguish it from other Arabian dishes. With cardamon, saffron, rosewater and other spectacular flavours, here are the best Omani desserts that you must try.


Halwa, which means sweet in Arabic, is the most famous traditional Omani dessert and is considered the national dessert of the country. It is made with almonds and farina, caramelized sugar, rose water, saffron, butter and cardamon. Omani Halwa is usually made using three colours; white, yellow and brown, depending on the number of ingredients used, and they differ in taste and price. Halwa is usually served with Omani Qahwa (Oman’s traditional coffee).


Luqaimat is a well-known dessert in the Arab world, commonly served after Iftar (breaking fast) at Ramadan (the holy month when Muslims fast). It is a crunchy dumpling that is usually served after pouring sweet syrup on top of it. Luqaimat is made of flour, sugar and yeast, and is then fried in oil. In Oman, hosts serve luqaimat as part of their hospitality course with coffee, other baked goods, fruits and dates.

Omani Pudding

Omani Pudding is a sweet soft dessert made with butter, milk, vanilla powder, eggs, nuts, pistachios, sweetened condensed milk, almonds and lemon zest. It is usually yellow or beige and is garnished with nuts on top.

Halwa Al Jazar

Halwa Al Jazar, or Halwa Al Gazar, means carrot dessert and is another famous sweet dish in Oman. It is made with sweetened condensed milk, carrots, ghee, milk and pistachios. It is also known in India, as Gajar ka halwa.

Maho Halwa

Maho Halwa is another mouthwatering Omani dessert, which looks like brownies but has a much lighter colour. It is made with saffron, cardamon, sweetened condensed milk and butter.

Halawet Ahmad

Halawet Ahmad means Ahmad dessert or sweets, which is another famous dessert in Oman. It looks like small nests or domes and is usually garnished with pistachio. It is made with vermicelli, sweetened condensed milk, coconut, almond powder and butter.

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