5 Ways to Save Money On Wedding Catering

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Every couple is always looking for the best deals that allow them to save some money when planning their wedding. Your catering budget should be one of the main areas where costs are significantly reduced. Companies such as Hello Food Caterers can give you very good deals but there are also a few things you can do to keep your budget low.

Pick a venue that allows outside caterers

Most wedding venues usually have an in house caterer or one they will recommend to you. Using in house catering can be a bit more expensive than you going out and getting your own caterer. Choose a venue that does not force you to stick to the caterer provided if you want to save some money.

Limit choices on Dinner Menu

The best way to ensure your wedding catering budget remains reasonable is to limit the choices in the menu available to the guests. This is especially important if you have many guests coming to your wedding. You do not want to spoil the guests while going beyond the set budget.

Avoid the busy days

When you want to get the best deals in catering, avoid the busy days and times. When you approach the caterer when every other couple wants his/her services, be prepared to pay the maximum price. There are the times when the caterer is not very busy and will likely give you the deal you want.

Less food during cocktail hour

When planning a wedding, most couples want their guests to have the best time and part of that involves having enough food. This should not be a reason to serve food throughout the whole event and especially during cocktail hour. When you do this, your guests will end up eating a lot and may not be willing to eat as much during dinner. This means that some of the food you have paid for will go to waste.

Look out for discounts

Some wedding caterers may be able to give you attractive discounts during certain periods and you should look out for those. This is a sure way for you to save money which you can use in other areas. Even if the caterer isn’t offering any discounts that you know, you can always negotiate something with them if you have many guests coming to your wedding.

Hello Food Caterers can help plan a suitable menu for your event, ensuring your guests are well fed but that you stay within the allocated budget

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