Catering Considerations for an Outdoor Wedding

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Garden, backyard and other outdoor wedding receptions are all the rage right now. You can’t blame a couple for choosing this over an indoor affair. From the fresh air to the scenic views and the sweet sounds of nature, there are enough reasons to lean towards the former. Not forgetting the amazing lighting that will help produce stunning images.
However, one main area where caution should be taken is the catering services but with a trusted professional company like Divine Caterersyou can rest easy. Have the following in mind if you are planning to feed your guests outside.

Keep a Tent at hand

You need to be aware of the weather condition on your big day. Those who are insistent on an outdoor affair should time their wedding to coincide with the sunny season. There’s nothing like a little rain to dampen the mood. You may get away with soggy guests and chairs but no one would easily forgive you for soggy food. Even when the chances of showers seem improbable, have a back-up tent.

Décor and Theme

Having a tent for the food and beverage area is a good opportunity to add some creativity to the wedding. Get a smaller differently designed tent and play with the area to produce a stunning effect. When it comes to catering, display earns major points. Make sure that the tent has been anchored firmly to the ground lest you cause a scene.

Hot Vs Cold

Sticking to the subject of the weather, remember that some food work better for hot while others would be better suited for cold weathers. Who wants to stuff themselves with heavy food on a hot and humid day? Spare your guests the after-effects by sticking to lighter delicacies when it’s sunny. Some cold food and beverages will be appreciated.


Don’t thirst out your guests. Ensure that there is enough supply of water. Soft drinks won’t cut it with some of them and the worst thing you can do is direct them to a tap. Nobody forgets the wedding that lead to a running stomach.


There should be enough room for attendants to sit down and enjoy their food comfortably. Let there be sufficient elbow room to navigate the cutlery with. If you’re in doubt about this, stick to finger foods.

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