Common Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Wedding Menu

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When thinking about your wedding day menu, you will need to understand  that mistakes are likely to occur along the way. Here are some of the mistakes that our food experts, Hello Food Caterers advise you avoid.

Considering Every Dietary Restriction

You will be inviting different people at your wedding and you should make sure the food you serve does not harm them in any way. People may be allergic to different food types, from nuts, to dairy products and many other things. There is no way you can ask your caterer to satisfy each guest’s dietary needs especially if you are planning to invite many people. This will strain your budget as you will end up spending a significant amount on food alone.

It is important to consider your guest’s dietary needs but don’t make it all about them. Choose the food types that appeal to most people and especially to you.

Having Too Many Options

Most brides tend to provide the caterer with a long list of options they would want to have at their wedding. Providing too many options can be very expensive as you will be required to pay for all of it even if the guests do not eat some dishes. Ask your caterer for his/her recommended options that most people like so that you don’t spend all your money on things your guests will not like.

Assuming Buffets Are Cheap

Buffets are cheap in some situations such as a hotel wedding, if you are serving seated guests because the hotel has the option of repurposing the food if it remains. This is not usually the case if you hire a caterer to come to your venue. The cost may go up significantly since you will have to pre-order everything the caterer is to bring. Most people imagine that all buffets are cheap but as you can see, this is not always the case If you have many different food options on your menu, you can easily see how that can get expensive.

Hello Food caterers can provide you with exceptional catering services for your wedding and help you create the perfect menu.

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