How To Assess A Wedding Catering Company

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When considering the ideal wedding menu, one thing that you should keep in mind is that you will be having a diverse group of guests. It’s quite common to have guests who prefer plain dishes with no spices and others who enjoy spicy food.

That said, it is critical to seek expert advice on how you should go about feeding all your guestsWedding Caterers will help solve this dilemma by suggesting the most appropriate combination to go with in terms of selecting an appropriate menu. Hello Food Caterers offer some tips for hiring a catering company for your events.

Sample the caterer’s Food

Having an actual taste of the caterer’s food will give you a chance to experience exactly how the food will be presented and what to expect. This is also the best time to meet the chef and discuss his or her flexibility. Ensure that you let the chef know exactly what you want as per your taste. Remember that all items can be adjusted to suit your preference. You are always free to ask how the food is cooked and if the catering is finished on site or cooked ahead of time and left in a hot box to stay warm.

Request Past Event Photos

A caterer’s past event photos will give you some insights of the caterer’s aesthetic appeal. Check whether you like their service-ware, use of spacing and finishing touches. Pictures can give a lot of information on how the caterer presents the food. The photos will also provide a great way to explain to the caterer what you like with references. At Divine caterers, we have a complete album of our previous events that will help you choose the right kind of style to match your wedding.

Review everything in person

One-on-one meetings are very important in ensuring that there is no chance of miscommunication when it comes to important matters like the planned menu and the catering proposal. Make sure you review how the catering company runs its operation. From there, you can tell how organized they are and if they have the capacity to deliver what they promise.

Read the Fine print

Signing on your catering proposal is very important in understanding every single detail of the type of package you have settled for. The fine print includes price per person, service charge for labor etc. It is important to understand all your costs to avoid confusion during or after your event.

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