Pocket Friendly Ways to Feed Your Wedding Guests

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Let’s face it, most wedding guests turn up for the catering services. Sure, they love the soon to be married couple and want to participate in the joining of two souls but underneath this is the slightly selfish need to sample food and drinks prepared by professionals such as Divine Caterers.

Feeding guests, and hungry guests at that is very expensive. It one of the biggest expenditure when it comes to wedding planning, leaving those that have to pay the bills reeling in shock. Luckily there are a few cost-cutting measures that can be employed. Beyond limiting the number of invited guests, you could:-

Go big on finger foods

Cash strapped couple that still wants to indulge their guests’ taste buds can bank heavily on finger foods downed with beverages such as cocktails or soft drinks. Most guests usually turn up empty-stomached for such event and therefore it would be wise to inform them in the wedding invitations that the exchanging of nuptials will be followed by an appetizer. This way, they get to take something before the wedding. There are numerous finger foods to choose from including cupcakes and other pastries, meatballs and meat skewers as well as fruit platters. This strategy will encourage your guests to mingle more. Combine this with great entertainment and you have yourself a terrific reception at a fraction of the cost.

Compare rates for plated and buffet meals

Buffets are convenient to set up and use during events but also come with their own setbacks. It opens opportunities for guests to have a second helping. This is no issue when there is plenty of food. For couples on a budget though, plated meals may be a more convenient alternative. Look at the prices offered by your caterer or venue for both options and decide which one makes more economic sense.

Time your reception

It is much easier to feed people lightly if the reception is held as early as possible in the day. Lunches are usually cheaper especially in the event of hotel catering as compared to dinner. You can go even further and have a breakfast-themed event. It can’t get as unique as that.

Stick to simple

At the end of the day remember that simple is just as appealing. You don’t need to have a foreign sounding menu in order to please the guests. Stick to the basics. Traditional meals like mukimo are always a crowd puller.

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