Popular Kenyan Traditional Dishes that Are Perfect for Weddings

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Weddings are about merry-making and there is no better way to spoil your guests than serving them their favorite Kenyan traditional dishes at your wedding. While it may be a great idea to introduce some new recipes to your wedding meals, it’s quite risky especially when you are dealing with conservative guests.

You can easily avoid the embarrassment by hiring a professional caterer who can prepare even the most basic Kenyan traditional dishes with a little bit of style to make them more enjoyable. But before you contact your wedding caterer, have a look at these popular Kenyan traditional dishes that have been suggested by Divine Caterers– Kenya’s most popular catering company.

Matoke (Bananas)

There are many ways to prepare Matoke. The ingredients also depend on your taste and preference. But in order to make this traditional Kenyan dish appealing to the largest number of wedding guests, you have to use the universally-accepted ingredients of Matoke, which include tomatoes, onions, and Dania vegetables. Once the dish is ready, it can be served with a variety of other traditional foods such as rice, stew and chapati.


We wouldn’t give this article justice if we left out this popular traditional Kenyan dish. It may look like a very simple dish to prepare but those who know how to make real Pilau will tell you it is one of those dishes that require a high level of expertise and thoroughness. Basically the dish comprises of cooked rice with a variety of spices such as cardamom cumin, cloves and cinnamon. It is normally eaten with meat stew and Kachumbari.


It’s almost a ritual to have Chapati on a wedding menu. Although some couples may see this as too old-school, professional caterers like Divine Caterers have devised new ways to make Chapati more delicious. Away from the traditional method of preparing Chapati, caterers are now incorporating a variety of ingredients such as matoke, carrots, cassavas, and pumpkins to make this Kenyan traditional delicacy more nutritious and enjoyable.

Nyama Choma (Roasted Meat)

This is perhaps one of the oldest Kenyan traditional dishes that continue to feature almost every special occasion including weddings. It is very easy to prepare since you just need to roast the meat. However, a reasonable level of expertise is needed to ensure the meat doesn’t burn.

For more information and suggestions on which Kenyan traditional dishes to serve at your wedding, get in touch with divine caterers.

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