Top Modern-Day Wedding Catering Trends

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Let’s be honest, food and beverages are among the main reasons we look forward to a wedding. In any case, who wouldn’t want to enjoy some tasty cuisine at a friend’s wedding? For this reason, newlyweds should always go the extra mile to ensure they have exceptionally skilled wedding caterers to serve their guests.

Lately, new catering trends have emerged with the aim of satisfying different appetites at the wedding. Here are the top modern-day wedding catering trends as suggested by Divine Caterers.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Catering

With the available organic and natural ingredients, wedding caterers have devised ways to incorporate different green courses in their menus. The good news is: couples and guests have responded positively.

These days every wedding menu has to include a fresh fruit salad, organic vegetables or free range chicken with traditional greens. Sometimes these are served as the main course. Wine makers have also retreated to the idea of producing organic beverages that are ideal for weddings.

Unique Recipes with Global Ingredients

According to Divine Caterers, wedding catering is about exclusivity and satisfaction. Caterers are constantly being forced to stretch their creativity further in order to satisfy their clients. Some are sourcing their ingredients from different parts of the globe with the aim of creating distinct recipes.

You can therefore expect to be served special menus with ingredients such as Middle East herbs, black magma sea salt, tahini sauces, and wasabi salt at your next wedding.

Something Special for Kids

With all the efforts that go into satisfying guests at the wedding, it’s very easy for your wedding caterers to forget about kids. Children are very picky when it comes to food. You shouldn’t expect them to bear food with strange herbs and spices. So, you have to prepare something special for the children.

Instead of going for the same old plates of French fries and spaghetti, you should try something fun such as sushi, chicken potpie, or bread rolls. Milk is also an important part of kids’ menu.

Evening Snacks

Late at night, before you call it a day, you can serve your guests with special snacks. With the help of your wedding caterer, there are many options that you can choose. For instance you can ask your caterers to serve fresh juice and cookies as a bed-time treat.

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