Wedding Catering Mishaps To Avoid

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Can you picture a scenario where the wedding caterer has the head count all wrong, part of the cutlery missing; or worse still, confuses or messes up your menu on that very special day? Catering for a wedding is not an easy task. With all the flurry of activities, things can get crazy.

To avoid disaster, a reputable catering services provider such as Divine Caterers is required. With our high regard for quality and standards, these are some of the mishaps that we will save you from.

Food shortage

Ever seen a wedding scenario where one section of the guests are enjoying that sumptuous meal you ordered from the wedding caterers while the rest are simply craving to have a taste of it. Such a case will not only distract your guests but it will also draw attention from you- the main celebrants of the event.

Misplaced cutlery

Ever been to a wedding where you had to search through several tables in order to reach for the cutlery that you want? Why all the hustle? Divine caterers are trained professionally and will ensure that your tables are set just the way you specified with no missing cutlery in between.

Missing essentials

Your wedding caterers have prepared a mouthwatering cuisine all right. The setting is also spectacular. There is one thing missing though – those salt shakers that will keep guests playing pass-it-on instead of listening to your thank you speech! A good wedding caterer will avoid such a mishap by ensuring that all essentials are correctly placed on the tables.

Unprofessional service

You are seated at the right table but for the longest time, there is no food coming your way. You want to politely go and ask but before you do, you notice the caterer heading in your direction. For a moment you sigh, the food is finally here – and then the worst comes, the food is spilled all over your glamorous outfit. You want to scream at someone, but whom?

The best of events fail because of small mishaps – that missing food item, disorderly serving or bad quality food could just be the downfall of a great wedding. Divine caterers are dedicated in their service of ensuring that all aspects of catering are well taken care of, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your event.

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