Wedding Catering Woes and How To Avoid Them

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Planning a wedding event can be a daunting task. There is so much to be done and hardly any time to waste. From running around to pick a wedding venue, meeting with your wedding planner, picking the right gown and matching everything to your theme, you are likely to forget some of the most important details.

A wedding caterer should be well thought out way before the wedding. To avoid disappointment, it highly recommended that you get an experienced caterer whom you can trust to handle your special day and even foresee any other unplanned eventualities that may occur. Here are some of the hiccups that Divine Caterers can help you avoid.

There was too little food

Under catering is the worst mistake you can ever make for your wedding. Rather than live with all the embarrassment, you’d better go out of your way and spend a little extra to ensure that your guests are served to their fill – you do not want yours to be remembered as the wedding where some guests had nothing to eat.  We shall advice on the amounts that will cater sufficiently for your whole guest list.

Cutlery was insufficient

Seeing your guests hop from one table to another in search of spoons and knives will not be a good sight to behold. Even worse, you do not want to punish some guests by making them watch the rest take in the sumptuous meal while they wait for cutlery.

Under staffing

Long queues at a wedding event are a no no – you do not want to put your guests through such an experience when they are here to witness one of the most spectacular events of your life. A good wedding caterer understands that proper staffing is critical at any event. Divine Caterers will provide you with a set of skilled hands to work throughout your event. The manager will also ensure that everything turns out as it should.

Terrible food

Nothing puts off guests at wedding like terrible food. To avoid this disaster, be sure to involve a caterer who well understands their business and the roles that they ought to play. We will allow you to walk through some of our events and sample a taste of our delicious foods. This way you can wade through your wedding event knowing that we will indeed deliver the best!

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